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Monday, May 25, 2009

Pazzo Pizzeria

Pazzo Pizzeria another small delivery joint tucked away in a strip mall.  This one is in West L.A.  it has an impressive list of pastas, salads, and sandwiches.  I ordered a 14 inch, medium cheese pizza.  It was $10.  They also have thick crust.  They advertise on the front of the menu that they use 100% extra virgin olive oil in everything.  I have never seen this boasted before and I'm not really sure if it is worth mentioning - but I thought it was funny.  Pazzo means crazy in Italian but the pizza is the opposite.  They have some interesting topping combinations but nothing out of the ordinary.  

The pizza is fairly typical.  When you think pizza, you think of this.  When you order pizza, you most likely are going to get this.  This by no means is a bad thing.  The fact that it has the idea of pizza pretty well covered, means it will taste good and satisfy.  It is not nearly the best pie and its not nearly the worst.  
The qualities that make it typical are the heavy amounts of cheese and sauce, on a slightly thicker crust than a NY style pizza.  Not to be confused with too much sauce and cheese and a thick crust.  Just a generous amount of everything, including oil.  It was a good bit greasy.  The sauce was pretty heavily spiced and had a rich flavor. 
Like I said it was typical in a comforting way, pizza snobs may turn up their noses and casual pizza eaters may swear by it with out knowing any better, but in the end it is just pizza.  I know that sounds jaded, but thats the truth. 
There are a few other locations but they were sold by the original owner to random people so all locations are different.  This one is slightly religious, with some subtle scripture in the menu.  Either way I give it a generous 3.  

Pazzo Pizzeria
11104 W. Olympic Blvd./Sepulveda West Los Angeles

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