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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Il Buco Pizzeria

After I finished my personal pizza from Al Gelato, I drove a mile down Robertson to my second stop in the Beverly Hills area, Il Buco.    
This place looks like a nice fancy restaurant, expensive but not overly so.  Seems like a great place to take a lady.  They have their own tomato sauce and I think they make their own pasta. Their pizza is also personal sized, and comes in a few styles – Margherita, Napoletana, New York, an eggplant and veggies one and a meat one. No cheese on the Napoletana and the difference between the New York and the Margherita is probably just replacing the basil with pepperonis.   I got the Margherita, and it was just ok.  The cheese and sauce were pretty tasty and the leaves of basil added some good flavor.   The crust unfortunately was the downfall.   It was thin and well done, but too crispy and kind of dried out.  The end of the pizza tasted more like a hard bread stick.  Plus, for its size, it was over priced, 12 dollars for a small personal pizza.  I could have eaten two.  If it had been good, that is.      

Il Buco Pizzeria - 107 N Robertson 90211
Price: $$$

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