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Monday, June 2, 2008

Crispy Crust

The other day I didn't feel like looking online for the next best pizza, I didn't feel like driving around trying to find some hidden place, I just wanted pizza.  I wanted it brought to my door with the snap of my fingers.  Most people in a scenario like this, who don't know a good pizza place, might pick up the phone and call Papa John's or worse Domino's.  There is a place called Crispy Crust, there are 2 locations I know of, but it seems that they will deliver where ever you are, and its better than Domino's.  So thats what I did.
This is a place that makes it's business from deliveries pretty much exclusively, like Domino's.  I see the little car with the Crispy Crust top, drive by all the time.  The price is cheap, when you add a tip it is about 12 dollars for a medium.  When it came it looked pretty tasty.  The crust was a very prominent part of the pizza.  It had a thick and wide cornicone.  The rest of the crust was a little on the thick side and not too crispy on the bottom.  There was a thick layer of cheese that was lightly browned and a generous amount of sauce that had a good taste. Over all it was pretty decent pizza, but it wasn’t necessarily NY style.  My friend said it was kind of a New England style pizza.  
Let me divert for a second, in my little knowledge on pizza I believe a New England style pizza to be one where the crust is a little thicker and doughier, but still crispy on the bottom and outside.  The sauce and cheese are put on a little thicker.  This seems to be the more prominent style of pizza in the suburbs of the New England states and even into PA and NY believe it or not.  I feel this is what national chains like Domino's or Papa John's go for.  I’ve also found that places that usually don’t specify a specific style, like New York style pizza, usually have this kind of pizza.  It is always a crowd pleaser.  You can’t really go wrong with this more filling style of pizza.
Anyway, I think that’s what Crispy Crust was going for. While it was very filling and tasty it wasn’t my ideal kind of pizza, and certainly not thin crust NY style, but I did enjoy it.  So the search goes on. 

Crispy Crust - 1253 N Vine St 90038
Price: $
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