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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaning Tower Pizza & Pasta

Today I was in the Valley, so I cruised down Ventura Blvd. to find some new places. I found one called Leaning Tower Pizza. Pretty good name, though if they had just added "of" between tower and pizza it would have been brilliant. Thats neither here nor there.

It was a pretty basic place some tables and nice comfy chairs and a TV. They have all the usual pizza place items. The guy running the place was a nice guy. They have some good deals there too. I got a medium 14 inch pizza for $10, actually it was a little more because I got it with half bell peppers. My friend got a personal 8'' pizza with ham or canadian bacon, not really sure the difference. With a soda it was $7.
Good pizza. It is as simple as that. They use great ingredients and they cook it right. It is nothing extraordinary, but it tasted great. The crust was crispy on the bottom and outer edge and doughy on the inside. Though a little bland tasting. I'm not sure what brand of flour they use but they get it from the east coast. The sauce was great, it was a simple taste of sweet tomatoes. With just a dusting of a couple spices on top. The tomatoes they also import. They use the Cento brand which I believe are from San Marazano, though not all of them are. I'm not sure which this place had. Either way the sauce was good. Kind of chunky with pieces of tomatoes. The cheese was decent too, they use Polly-O. My thing with the cheese was there was too much of it. But a lot of people love cheese so that might not be a bad thing. The guy said he cuts it up in chucks rather than shreds it, perhaps this is why it was thicker. It wasn't an overwhelming amount though, you could still taste the sauce just fine.
The guy said he worked long and hard to perfect his pizza and I think it shows. It was a really decent pizza that I was very surprised to find. If the crust was maybe a hair thinner and a touch less cheese it could be one of the best. Perhaps he should keep working on that recipe

14120 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks
818 986 9701
Price: $
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