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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rainforest Cafe

Today I'm giving you 2 posts because for one, I ate at 2 places, and also I didn't write anything yesterday.  So there you go.  Across from Cheebo is a place called Rainforest Cafe.  This place has a little of everything but, like Cheebo, specializes in pizza.  They have slices pre-made warming on a turning tray.  So the slices could sometimes not be so fresh and they won't necessarily warm it in the oven for you unless you specify.  They charge you a little much too, $3.50 for one, it's a bigger than average slice but not a "big slice".   The whole pies are much more reasonably priced, in fact cheap.  I got a slice of cheese today and it wasn't too fresh.  It is also the kind of pizza you need to eat fresh.  It doesn't stay fresh long; it cools down and gets rubbery real quick.  The other main thing about it is, they have sesame seeds on the crust, making the outer edge look like a bagel.

 It is interesting, to say the least.  I can't say I like it, but then again I can't really say I don't like it either.  It just isn't what you expect, so your tongue automatically rejects it, but the truth is it doesn't taste that bad.  The good news is, if you order a whole pizza you can get it without sesame seeds.  Other than that, the pizza is nothing special, a Marinara-like sauce and lightly browned cheese on top of a chewier denser crust that is thin.  One slice is satisfying with or without sesame seeds but getting a whole pizza might be pushing it. 

Rainforest Cafe - 1451 Gardner St 90046
Price: $$
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1 comment:

  1. At first I found the sesame seed crust a bit weird but the quality of the slices here made me overlook it. I now LOVE this place. The pizza is great, a damned sight better than some of the poop parlors that get three, four and even five slice ratings here. The atmosphere is perfect for a meeting with a friend or writing partner over lunch. It's never too busy during the day and feels like a bit of a "hidden gem." The staff are all great, friendly guys too. Awesome.


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