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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Valentino's Pizza

This is a small little local place that isn't too far from the beach but not that close either. The area around isn't too exciting. A lot of Domino's, Subways, and McDonalds. So it seems that this is the only place around that's not a nationwide chain. I am sure there are other though, closer toward the beach no doubt, I will find them.

This is a family run business, the guy is from brooklyn I believe so he at least knows what good pizza should taste like.
If this is the only place you have, you are lucky. In an area where you can't imagine finding anything half way decent is a pizza place that is pretty legit. I ordered a large cheese, 16 inches. It was pretty reasonably priced.
Sorry the picture isn't too appetizing but I assure you it tastes good.
The crust was a great thin and crispy crust, that was chewy and light. The cheese was put on pretty heavy. It was a decent cheese but really to much for my tastes. People love their cheese though. The problem with the heavy cheese is that it smothers the taste of the sauce. I think I liked the sauce. It was light in flavor with a strong and pure tomato taste. It was on the sweet side. There was then a handfull of spices thrown on top for a little extra zing, rather than mixed with the sauce. Mainly oregano.
So again the flavor was pretty good but, but didn't come through like I wanted it to, with all the cheese. The crust was well cooked, fresh and light, so that goes a long way.
Very decent pie.

Along with Taste Chicago, Valentino's is the only other place I have found with a heart shaped pizza.

975 N Aviation Blvd. Manhattan Beach 90266
(310) 318-5959
150 S. Sepulveda Blvd El Segundo 90245
(310) 426-9494
Price: $

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  3. This is a family run business, the guy is from brooklyn I believe so he at least knows what good pizza should taste like.yeahh....
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