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Monday, June 23, 2008

Guido's Pizza and Pasta

On my lunch break today I took a long drive to a place I found online called Guido's.  I didn't know anything about it, except that it was called Guido's.  With a name like that I had to at least try it.  As you can see their slogan is also "The Crust you can Trust" 

There was another place that had that slogan, I  of course can't remember which one, and don't want to go back and read my old posts.  
Anyway, I drove a good 7 miles to get there, in over 100 degree heat.  The place was small and in a strip mall, with just enough room for a pizza oven.  I was hot when I walked in, the guys inside looked like they might melt if it got 1 degree hotter.  They looked like real Guido's too, no offense, it actually was more promising that the pizza might be good.  It was Friday and I needed a change from my everyday cheese.  I got a sausage and pepper pizza that was 15 inches for like for pretty cheap.  I don't remember the price, but it was reasonable.  They told me they would have delivered, which I was surprised to hear seeing how far away they were, but it seemed like that was 95 percent of their business so they have to.
So the pizza was good, very enjoyable.  The crust was crispy and well done.  Didn't have as much of a doughy center as I prefer, but tasted good.  The box said it was made with 100 percent whole milk mozzarella, and it indeed did seem like it was.   The sausage and peppers were typical, there was a perfect amount.  The sauce was a little light but good.  
After eating and reviewing 50 plus pizza joints all the pizza runs together.  It is hard to describe all these pizzas differently.  At this point the best way to describe it is to compare it to a similar style pizza I have already reviewed.  From here on out I will try and list a pizza at the bottom that it is most closely related to.  
In this case, I found the pizza to be very similar in style to Big Mamas and Papas, but better. Better cheese and crispier crust.  
Overall the pizza hit all the elements it should have really well, it is above average.  It was not perfect nor close to perfection, but above average and enjoyable.  

Pizza most closely related to:  Big Mamas and Papas Pizzeria
Multiple locations: in and around the Valley
Delivers - to a wide range

Guido's Pizza and Pasta-  1513 San Fernando Rd. Burbank
Price: $
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