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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As they say, this is Hollywoods first Gastropub. Which isn't saying a lot. It is a pub with supposedly better food in it than your average british pub. Though we aren't in Britain so most of the pubs around here have decent food, so this isn't the first of anything. It is just another bar with over priced food, trying to be trendy.

I shouldn't really be wasting my time with this review, but a large part of their menu is pizza. So I thought I'd enlighten you with some information about it.
Some friends and I ordered 2 pizzas, typical Marinara pizza and a Margherita pizza. These were the same pizzas, except the Margherita had a tiny bit of shredded basil in the middle and a few sliced tomatoes on it. All the pizzas are personal sizes which is about 12 inches and they are 10 to 15 dollars depending on the fancy toppings you could get. The price for the pizzas actually wasn't that bad. Which makes it more frustrating. The cheapest things on the menu are the pizzas, so they are asking people to order them. So you'd think the pizza is where it's at. Wrong. They pizza is really not good. It is completely over cooked the crust is thin but dried out and tastes like a bad crunchy breadstick. The cheese and sauce were dried out and over cooked too. The sauce tasted alright, but was a marinara sauce not a light sweet tomato sauce. The cheese didn't seem all the fresh, nor did the sauce or dough for that matter.
It wasn't the worst pizza I have had. However the ambience of the place and their gastropub comment, leads you to believe they are going to have great food. It isn't a pizza place so you can be too hard on them, though a quarter of their menu IS pizza. Their beer is good, but that is because they don't make that. I can't speak for the rest of the food, but I'd stick with the drinking.

6372 W. Sunset Blvd Hollywood, 90028
Price: $$

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  1. J, thanks for the BoHo pizza update! Instinct advised the pizza was going to be pathetic so I avoided them during every single. We've been here 3/4 times, always during the 50% off Tuesdays, always getting beer, some apps, and 1 dessert. They've never done us wrong in that manner. Good to know tho!


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