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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Central Park Pizza

A little collection of pizza joints congregate around this area. Victory and Magnolia.  Some of the other places are Pizza Factory, Monte Carlo & Pinocchio , Pinball Pizza, Dino's and a few others.  
You can find this place inside an arcade which is inside a batting cage area.  Quite the opposite of Pinball pizza which doesn't even have one video game.  The name makes you think its a legit stand alone place.  I suppose it could still be, but when I saw the sign I was a bit skeptical.  I ordered a 12 inch pizza for about $10.  A little steep for the kind of place it was, but not terrible.    

The pizza looked alright when I picked it up, pretty cheesy but thin.  As soon as I took a bite I realized something was off about the cheese.  It didn't taste right.  Tasted like it wasn't mozzarella.  So for a place claiming New York style pizza, it already faltered.  The crust was thin, and relatively crispy at least for a few minutes until it started to cool then it was just chewy.  I wasn't crazy about the sauce, it was a heavier tasting sauce with a lot of oregano going on.  Not the worst pizza and if  I had to be at this party zone I guess I'd be happy they had pizza.  But not the right cheese, major error that can be fixed easily.  

Central Park Pizza
220 N. Victory Blvd. Burbank 91502
Price: $$

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