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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Julie's Pizzeria

Today I West.  I feel I have covered what there is to cover in the East, short of Pasadena.  SO I went West into no mans land before Santa Monica but beyond West Hollywood.  I heard of a place called Julie's around where the 405 meets the 10.  It sits snug inside a strip mall and looks like it has a little class.  

I asked for Julie, she wasn't there.  Didn't even know there was a Julie, I guess there was...or was there?  
Anyway I got a large cheese, which is actually a 14 inch.  However only 11 dollars.  This worried me a bit, the last pizza I had for a 11 dollars tasted like cardboard with dirty cheese.  I opened this one and it looked pretty good. 
It was very oily as you can see.  The first bite I took, was pretty good.  An extremely thin crust, good flavors in the sauce.  It was a sweet sauce and it almost tasted fruity, I know, I know tomatoes are a fruit.  This was a different taste though I couldn't put my finger on it.  Anyway the initial slice was pretty good, but as I continued on, the faults started to appear.  Aside from the greasiness, the cheese didn't have the right texture, it was very chewy, it didn't melt in your mouth (and it was still very warm at this point.)  Plus there was a little too much of it.  
The crust was so thin it could not support the weight of the sauce and cheese, which made for a messy experience.  On top of that mess was a lot of crumbs.  Crumbs from 2 things that weren't that great.  One was the cornmeal bottom.  Recently I tried Dagwood's Pizza and they were the first place I encountered that put too much flour on the bottom of the crust.  Now, here is the first place I found that puts too much cornmeal on the bottom.  It was packed with little gritty dried pieces of cornmeal.  They got stuck in my mouth and got all over the place. Too much.  The second reason there was a crumbly mess was the dough itself.  It was cooked very well, it cam out nice and crispy, the way I like it.  However it was too crispy for the thin crust to handle.  So the outer edge was ended up just being crunchy like a breadstick, it had no doughy or chewy qualities at all.  
It was better than most, but in the grand scheme of pizza not great.  

Julie's Pizzeria - 11140 Palms Blvd. LA 90034
Price: $

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