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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trattoria Amici

So I went to a rather nice Italian restaurant the other night. They have a few, what they call Neopolitan style pizzas, so I thought I'd try one. I don't usually review Italian restaurants, or rather places that don't specialize in pizza. Though this place seemed to take pizza seriously and who am I kidding I can't not order the pizza.
I ordered their only size, personal 12 inch and it was about $10. Not bad for a fancy place.

Sorry for the quality of pictures. They were taken on a blackberry and after we already ate half of it. The pizza was better than I expected. The sauce and cheese were put on in a good ratio and worked well together. They also tasted fresh. The sauce was a bit untraditional. It had a creamy sweet tomato taste. They were doing something different here and I appreciate that. It tasted good and went well with the salty, surprisingly oily cheese. The crust looked good, it was nice and charred with a good crispy texture. It didn't taste half bad either, though it wasn't the right kind of bread. It looked and felt more like pita bread, or some kind of flat bread than your typical pizza dough. I'm sure this was an intentional choice as they were really trying to make a signature pizza. Despite it being the wrong crust, I thought it was cooked well and tasted good anyway.
The rest of the food was pretty good too, modern Italian, with a nice L.A. ambiance. I can say though, definitely consider the pizza if you are going for dinner. It is on par with the rest of their food. It is slightly different than your usual pie but yet very traditional at the same time. I can't say its even close to the best, but it's certainly satisfying.

Price: $$
469 N. Doheny Dr. Beverly Hills
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