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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today I went to a place called Cheebo.  It is a bright orange building on Sunset that sells all kinds of food, but majors in pizza.  It is fun to say Cheebo, if you yell it emphasizing the 'o' at the end, in public you'll get some looks.  The pizza is fun too; it is in a kind of oval shape rather than the traditional circle.

 I got the small for $11, which is a little more than it should be.  The large, I think, is an extra row wide and several rows longer, and thats probably around $16.  Today I got a sausage and cheese pizza, thought I'd mix it up a little.  The sausage was ground up with little bits and large bits, but it tasted pretty good.  It was too much sausage really, the flavor overpowered the basic taste of the cheese and sauce, and it was all piled on in the middle.  When I got a bite of just cheese I thought it tasted pretty good but the sauce was lacking.  There could have been a lot more sauce, I could barely taste it with all the cheese and the strong amount of sausage.  The crust was floppy and soggy with grease in the center.  But towards the end it tasted pretty good, the crust even though it didn't seem to be cooked that much, was really light and crispy at the end.  
There were parts of this pizza I liked and parts that weren't so good, I feel it could be a different pizza every time you order it.  I remember getting pepperoni and cheese once and it was loaded with sauce and sopping with grease.  Good, but messy and filling.  
CheeeBooooooo !!!!  like that Cheeto's guy, who was that, Boomer Esiason ?   

Cheebo - 7533 Sunset Blvd. 90046
Price: $$
Cheebo on Urbanspoon

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