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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pinball Pizza

A little collection of pizza joints congregate around this area. Victory and Magnolia.  Some of the other places are Pizza Factory, Monte Carlo & Pinocchio , Central Park Pizza, Dino's and a few others.  
Welcome to Pinball Pizza.  A pretty great name although I don't really understand why.  There was no pinball machines.  In fact it was Central Park Pizza that was in an arcade.  There was nothing pinball to Pinball Pizza.  Their place was stripped down bare of any kind of decoration.  Not one table or chair, all their business is delivery.  The only thing worth noting were their 3 phone lines.  Why this place has 3 phone lines I don't know, but even crazier is each phone line has its own phone.  The people working there were very nice though, and the answering machine is hilarious if you call after hours.  Which by the way is before 4pm.        
I ordered a medium cheese, it was 14 inches and the cheapest pizza yet, at 5 dollars.  Regularly it is 9 dollars still really cheap, but with a coupon its 5 and I didn't even have the coupon so I don't know how regular 9 dollars is.   
The pizza looked pretty heavy with sauce.  It looked like it had been cooked for a long time.  Which at 4:15 they told be it would be 25 minutes, so Im thinking it was cooked pretty long.  Despite the long time, the crust was not crispy, not even the least bit.  It was doughy from outside to inside.  It was also thicker than most, and very buttery tasting.  The rest of the flavor was very sweet, I wasn't sure if this was coming from the dough or the sauce, most likely the sauce.  Sweet was pretty much the only flavor.  It was a thick tomato paste type of sauce that was heavily sweetened and heavily cooked along with the cheese, which had lots of brown spots.  

I have to say that the pizza wasn't good really in any way, however it all somehow worked together.  The overly sweet flavor and the very bread-y texture brought some enjoyment.  Of course this was fresh out the oven.  Twenty minutes later the pizza was a different animal, and practically inedible.  It was extremely cheap though and for a strangely comforting taste I'll take it.     

Pinball Pizza 
2109 W. Magnolia Burbank 91506
Price: ¢

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  1. No pinball at Pinball Pizza! Ludicrous!

  2. Maybe they want three phone lines so they can take more than one order at the same time since as you stated they rely on take out buisness.

  3. I would like to have the opportunity to eat a similar pizza, it is looks too delicious, also the commercial is really good, you get a nice job!! 22dd!!!


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