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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hill Street Pizza

Hill Street Pizza is a pretty simple place, hidden in the high rises downtown. It is a pick up and go, grab a slice kind of place. I went in for a medium 16 inch pizza for 14 dollars. Everyone was nice there, asking me if I wanted my pizza cooked a little longer. This was before I mentioned my blog. Then they offered me a slice of the veggie pizza. This was after I mentioned my blog. By the way the place cooks completely vegetarian pizza, no meat toppings. It also happens to be Kosher.
The veggie slice was excellent. It had sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes. I don't like mushrooms, and veggies in general aren't the most exciting thing to me but this pizza was great. The crust was very crispy and light and everything just tasted fresh and full of flavor.
The cheese pizza was a slightly different story. It still tasted fresh and had great flavor. The crust was just a little on the thick side and wasn't quite as crispy as the veggie slice. I thought it looked crispy when they took it out of the oven, but maybe because it sat in the box for 5 minutes before I ate it, or maybe it was because the veggie slice had been reheated and that gave it an extra crunch on the bottom. There are lots of variables. Despite the crust being thick and doughy, it tasted fresh and pure. So often I taste unnatural additives in the dough, whether its oil or butter or even sugar. This crust just tasted like good pizza dough and the sauce and cheese followed suit. Good generous amounts of both. Creamy, melty cheese that went well with the sauce which was a bit untraditional in flavor. It didn't have a strong sweet flavor, more of a spicy marinara sauce with a little creamy-ness to it.
Overall a pretty solid pizza for a good price and they sell slices. With the tall buildings around me I almost thought I was in New York for a second. When I heard it was vegetarian I got a little scared, but then I realized that basically just means they don't have meat toppings and I always order cheese anyway, so it didn't matter. A decent pizza I recommend.

Hill Street Pizza
456 S. Hill St. Los Angeles 90039
Price: $
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