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Monday, February 23, 2009

Pizza Buona

Today I tried to kill a few pizzas with one trip. A pizza crawl if you will, although much more driving than crawling. They were all places I assumed to be subpar, generic, and cheap. So I figured I'd save time and get small pizzas from all these places in one trip.

Here is a video of my pizza review trip. Part 3

Click here to watch part 1  or  part 2

The last on my pizza crawl, was Pizza Buona = Pizza Good.  This is a place that tries to be a level above these other places I've been to, like Hi Pizza and 2 for 1 Pizza.  These place know what they are selling, they are selling below average pizza for a extremely cheap price.  They aren't pretending to hard to not look generic.  Just like other national chains, like Domino's.  Pizza Buona on the other hand is trying hard to dress up there pizza and make it out to be perhaps, something that it is not.  High quality pizza, in a high quality place, with a high... price.  I wouldn't make this comparison if I hadn't just eaten 3 low quality pizzas I suppose.  After all Pizza Buona isn't that bad.  I'm sure the ingredients are fresh, they actually use a deck oven and not a conveyor belt, and the price is not hat expensive, it just isn't dirt cheap like 2 for 1.  

Pizza Buona has apparently been in business for 49 years.  It has the impression of a family owned joint, and it is comfortable to eat inside.  I ordered a 12 inch pizza that was 10$, which isn't too bad.  On first glance the pizza looks great.  However the taste is very average.  The cheese is heavy and leaves a strong, salty and greasy taste in your mouth.  The sauce tastes fine although there isn't as much on the pizza as cheese.  The crust also has a good taste but is not as crispy or as thin as it should be and it is just good tasting, doughy bread.  If you read the other reviews from this outing they all have the same problems, just to a bigger degree.  At the end of the day, is this pizza any better than say, Hi Pizza, or 2 for 1, or even Pizza Man.  The price is almost twice as much.  I suppose it probably is a little better, but when you hold them up  next to each other, there isn't much difference.  

Pizza Buona - 2100 W Sunset Blvd. Sliverlake 90026
Price: $

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  1. NO WAY! That shit is bomb, kid! -JONAH

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  3. I've heard that Pizza Buona restaurant is the est one preparing pizza, but I can't see the ingredients it has in the images it seem just having red sauce.m10m


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