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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prizzi's Piazza

This is a small Italian food place tucked in between Birds, and a Sushi place, in the Beachwood area.  Piazza is a little confusing,  I guess it means a plaza in Italy, but it looks a lot like Pizza. But thats the way it is.  

This is basic pizza at its best.  The sauce is more traditional and not too sweet, the cheese is a thick Wisconsin mozzarella that is lightly browned on top. The crust is crisp on the bottom and doughy in the center. They are very generous with the sauce and cheese but not too much.  The crust has a good taste to it, and makes me actually want to finish the edges.  The pizza had everything it should yet it just didn’t seem great to me.  It just lacked good flavor I guess, that charred gritty New York style taste maybe.  The crust isn’t quite thin enough, it’s not quite crisp enough and it doesn’t have any remnants of flour or corn meal on the bottom, its just plain crust, no wood-oven charred taste. 

I was reading up on some styles of pizza recently and learned that Ohio has more pizzerias than any other state. They also have developed their own style of pizza, where their crust is a little thicker and they sometimes use provolone.  While this pizza used mozzarella, I feel it is close to an Ohio style pizza.  

It was enjoyable except for one thing, the price.  Like so many places I’ve found who have world-renowned chefs and like to create their own style and then pass it off as gourmet and charge twice as much for it.  The problem was, this was not that type of place.  Yet they were charging that price range.  $13 for a personal 10-inch cheese pizza that tastes like something from an unknown pizzeria in Ohio.  Which is fine but should be cheaper.

Prizzi’s Piazza 5923 Franklin 90028
Price: $$
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