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Monday, July 21, 2008

Richie Palmer's Pizzeria

I was in Santa Monica today and I tried to find a place called Joe's Pizza, which is the same as the Joe's in Brooklyn on Bleecker Street.  Anyway I couldn't find it for some reason.  So I went to the other pizza joint on Ocean Ave.  This place is called Richie Palmer's, and it seems like a pretty good place.  I didn't want to wait for a whole pizza so I only got 2 slices.  Besides the pizzas are pretty big here, 20 inches and they are kind of on the expensive side, 18 for a large and 3 dollars for a slice.  The cheese pizza had come right out of the oven so I got 2 fresh slices.  This pizza wasn't bad, definitely better than the average L.A. slice.  The sauce was sweet with some subtle flavors.  The ratio of cheese to sauce was good, the crust was thin, but a little too much so, it was flopping all over the place with grease dripping out.  Plus it didn't puff up at the end like it should, it was a little flat and dense.  But that being said the crust did have a pretty good taste.

It wasn't really all that memorable, I would say it is one of the closer pizzas to the New York style that I've had out here, however that doesn't make it good.
Plus I feel like Joe's might be better, but I can't say that yet, until I find the damn place.  
2 locations: Santa Monica

Richie Palmer's Pizzeria - 1355 OceanAve. Santa Monica 90401
Price: $$

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  1. FYI, do your homework Richie Palmer's Pizzeria is Mulberry,Richie owns Mulberry.


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