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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stuft Pizza

A quaint little area in downtown El Segundo brings many different eateries. Including a great cheese steak place and 2 pizza places. Down the street from Vinny's Pizza is place called Stuft Pizza. They had slices sitting on a rotating display case, so regretfully I bought one. After you see this pizza, you can guess it is a franchise. They have 6 or so places all over the Southern CA area.
A large Pizza is 16 dollars, but the size is only 14 inches. So a bit overpriced. The slices on the other hand are only a dollar. Though they are small and as you can see not that exciting.
Not a whole lot to say about this place. It is generic pizza. The crust is thick and doughy. The sauce is dry. It has decent flavor but nothing extraordinary. It just is pizza, with no inspiration. Similar to Domino's but with less oil, butter and fat no doubt. So I guess it is probably relatively healthier but doesn't have the same addictive taste. Though I didn't feel sick after eating it either so I guess I'll give it a point for that.

Though it seems, Mondays are the day to go. 1$ beers which is always good and 1$ pizza which isn't always good. On normal days, when you order a large pizza, not a good deal or meal.

Stuft Pizza
400 Main St. El Segundo 90245
Price: $$

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