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Sunday, July 6, 2008

NY Pizza and Pasta

This is your typical pizza joint, calzones, Italian subs, cheap pastas and beer on tap.  It does most of it's business with deliveries, but has a few tables and an ambiance that isn't a hot oven and a loud T.V.  It is inside a strip mall on Sunset Blvd.  Today I got a slice of cheese, I should have gotten a whole pizza because it was pretty good.  The crust was crispy and thin and if you notice in the picture, the doughy bubble on the crust is a good sign that the crust is done right. 

However the crust wasn’t the best.  It was a little dry and possibly a little over cooked.  The sauce was a heavy sweet sauce that I enjoyed but it was unevenly distributed, so my bites were sometimes just cheese and bread, which didn’t help the crust being dry.  Overall I would say it was above average, but not much more.  I would order this again, in a larger form. 
They deliver
There are 2 locations  

NY Pizza and Pasta - 7123 W. Sunset Blvd. Hollywood 90046
Price: $
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