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Monday, August 17, 2009

Rush Street

Rush Street sounds like a lame frat movie. Kind of a trendy place that tries to hard. I tried to go there awhile back and they had a private party, so no pizza. This time it was party free, but it was before 3:00, 2:45 to be exact. They don't make pizzas till after 3:00, yeah it's one of those places. So I almost struck out twice. Since it was close to 3 I decided to wait, and they ended up making in a little early anyway. It worked out too, because also at 3 begins their happy hour, so I got some 3 dollar beers to go along with it. I still don't understand why they have this no pizza before 3 rule, Pit Fire Pizza is the same way for personal pizzas. I don't get it. If anyone knows why this is, I'd love to know.
I ordered their only size, a personal, roughly 10 inch, Margherita pizza. They have about 4 other pies, not a large selection but a o.k. price, it was 11 for the cheese pizza. Rush street is modeled after the Rush St in Chicago, though the food, or at least the pizza is not Chicago style.
I really would have never gone there if I hadn't gotten a good recommendation for their pizza. It is mainly a bar, and fancy bar food is what they serve, and their pizza doesn't even seem to be their specialty, so I could have skipped it, but I was told it was good so alas I can not stay away.
Good it was, It had a relatively crispy bottom that was caked with cornmeal. The outer edge was pretty chewy and the crust on a whole was on the thick and doughy side.
It had to be thick to hold all the toppings. The cheese was put on pretty heavy. It was a good stringy cheese, but tasted a little light on the fat, I think it probably was not whole milk mozz. The sauce didn't really stand out, kind of got lost in all the cheese. Though their were fresh diced tomatoes on top so that help the sauce come through. Had I known they were going to put those tomatoes on I would not have ordered them. It is not the right flavor. Speaking of flavor the pizza kind of lacked any flavor what so ever. It is hard to believe but with the part skim cheese, the lack of sauce and the plain dough, I just didn't get a pizza flavor explosion. Even all the cut up basil didn't bring much to the table, it wasn't fresh basil so the taste wasn't strong.
Lack of flavor is better than bad flavor though in my opinion. At its most bland, it was still pizza. Aside for the chewy crust I wasn't all bad. I ate it all and I wasn't even that hungry. The bottom line is, if you want pizza go down the street to LaRocco's, and if you want to drink or possibly get a burger, than come here.

9546 Washington Blvd. Culver City 90232
Price: $$

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