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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rating System

My overall rating is based on the overall taste including the 3 basic elements: Cheese, Tomato Sauce, and most importantly the Crust and whether or not this taste was worth the price.  The hardest part is ranking the pizzas, which essentially is a 10 star system.  I can describe them all day, but boiling it all down to 1 number is almost unfair to everyone involved.  So take my rankings lightly, please.  Read the description, and if it matches your taste in pizza go with it.   

0 - uh... is this pizza ?
1 - Just plain bad (Tastes like left over frozen pizza) 
2 - Fine. Edible.  Would be ok if it were cheap and across the street, and maybe you were drunk.
3 - Good/Average.  It is pizza after all, it is hard to screw up 
4 - Great pizza.  It is fresh, cooked right, and maybe has a little something extra
5 - Unbelievable, this is hard to come by and I don't know if it exists in LA.
Remember there are also half slices  (2 1/2 may seem low, but thats average.  Average isn't so bad.)

Also I don't factor in service.  I can deal with bad service.  If the pizza was good and worth the price I'll go back.  Bad service doesn't effect the taste. It just effects my stress level.  

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