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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pizza Per Tutti

Thats right, Pizza Per Tutti.  I don't know about that name, but it makes you a laugh a little.  It didn't exactly have much of a personality, certainly not one that went with its name.  The pizza cooked quick, I picked it up, it was a large (which is only 14'') cheese pizza, half with  mushrooms because I was splitting it with a coworker.  It was 10 dollars which wasn't too bad.  

The pizza was not impressive.  It was generic pretty much all around.  The cheese wasn't 100% pure mozzarella, the sauce didn't have much flavor probably straight from the tomato paste can.  THe crust was pretty generic as well with very little taste.  It also was probably a little under cooked, not quite crispy enough, and too chewy.  The mushrooms were a disappointment to my friend and a disappointment to me since they stunk up the whole pizza with fungus flavor.  There was hardly any on his half of the pizza.  All that being said it was still pizza and satisfying, barely but edible for sure.  Would I get it again, no probably not unless it was across the street.  The best thing about this place was the name.  

Pizza Per Tutti - 4143 Lankershim Blvd  91602 

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