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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Z Pizza

Here is my review for the pizza place next to Village Pizzeria other wise known as Z Pizza. It's hard to complain about anything on this pizza, it all tasted fine. The crust is crispy the sauce and cheese work well together. But there isn't anything extra, it is just ordinary. Plus its a couple dollars more than the Village Pizzeria. All I can say about it is there is a better place next door.

That being said, when you go to Z Pizza you know what your are getting. The fact that it is more of a corporate run place makes it is consistent. If you go and you like it, you will get the same pizza next time, which is more than I can say about Village Pizzeria. Plus there is usually no line at Z Pizza, which is not the case at Village. So it's got that going for it too.

Z Pizza
123 N. Larchmont Blvd. 90004
Price: $$
PS: I realized there are other Z Pizzas out there. One in West Hollywood a few along the beaches of orange county and all over the state. Nothing changes, it is still just average pizza but it might be worth getting if there was no other place around.

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  1. Try a place called Vito's Pizza on La Cienega, just south of Santa Monica. For my money, it's the best pizza in L.A. It's in a shitty little strip mall, which sucks, but don't let the facade fool you.

  2. Check out any of the D'Amore's Pizza Connection locations in LA, Malibu, the Valley. It's pretty legit!

  3. I have since tried both Vitos ( of course) and D'Amores you can find the post on this site

  4. There is actually a huge difference between zpizza and these others places that wasn't mentioned in the blog and that is the fact that zpizza is way healthier than its competition. First of all they used an organic crust and organic tomato sauce. Their cheese is low-fat and hormone free and comes from grass fed cows. Also there is less fat and additives in their pepperoni and sausage. The chicken is all natural chicken breast. They also have vegan cheese or gluten-free options if so desired. The reviewer seemed to miss these important details.


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