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Thursday, April 23, 2009

La Pizza (Kosher)

I could write a whole blog on kosher pizza.  There seems to be a lot of it.  Places I didn't even know were Jewish neighborhoods are.  I went to Ameci Pizza on Burbank and Whitsett (Valley Village) and down the street I spotted a place called La Pizza.  I put kosher in parentheses to differentiate it from just LA Pizza in general.  Like the name of my blog.  So kosher is not part of it's name, I don't think, but it is kosher pizza.  The man that made my pizza told me about one of the greatest kosher pizza spots down near 3rd street and La Brea, which doesn't exist anymore.  It was called La Kosher Nostra.  What a great name.  Anyway this place had a little fame around it too.  Awhile back there was some high praise over this pizza.  The praise seems to have subsided now, people may have forgotten, but the pizza is still good.   

Other kosher pizza joints I have visited are Shalom Pizza, Pizza Mayven, and Pizza World.   

I ordered a medium pizza about 14'' it was about 15 dollars.  A little pricey.  It was pretty delicious however.  The crust was really key here.  A light and airy crust with a real crispy edge, not too crispy on the bottom but pretty good.  The sauce and cheese were just average but had good amounts of both.  Really a good crust makes a world of difference.  The crust was a bit on the thicker side, but good.  I won't go into this pizza too much, mainly because I don't remember to much of it, it was a week ago.  I know the crust was legit and kosher as well.  I can see why people had said it was good.  Kind of under the radar but I recommend it.  Not the best pizza I have had.  But I was surprised at how good it was.   

La Pizza (Kosher)
12515 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91607
(818) 760-8198
Price: $

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  1. 15$??? It is quite pricy, but I miss kosher pizza so much.

  2. Well, the price is fairly reasonable considering the Kosher factor. Kosher products are more expensive after all.

    I give 5-stars to La Pizza. Best pizza shop *I've* been to! <3

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