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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy 1 year Anniversary to ME !

I don't really remember dates so this is not an official anniversary.  But it has been roughly a year since I started this blog, I have compiled a data base of roughly 120 different pies.  I spent about $1,700 last year on pizza alone.  I wasted who knows how many hours writing this stuff and probably gained an extra 20 pounds.  Actually I don't think I gained anything, I still think pizza is healthy. 

Anyway I want to thank everyone out there for visiting my site and an extra thanks if this is the second time you were here.  I hope to continue this project forever or at least another year.  I hope to get all the pizza in the city catalogued and hopefully it can become the main data base for pizza in LA. Pick your style of pizza or your location and decide the best pizza for you and who knows maybe be able to look at a menu and order the pizza right from my site.  This is the dream and I hope you are all with me, 'cause then I'm on to other cities, if I'm not dead by then, from all the cholesterol.

I am only one man and can not do all this alone however.  So I continue to urge you all to post comments on your views of the pizza and of any ideas or ways I can make the site better or more useful.  I am not too web savvy so if anyone knows how to tame the internet I could use you.  And if you want to donate to the greater cause I will except, money that is.  Of course you won't do that, so I guess thats rhetorical.   

Thanks for the hits - Good luck, there is a lot of bad pizza out there, but I eat the bad pizza, so you don't have to.


  1. You don't say if you eat reheated slices, only slices from pies fresh out of the oven, or both. So what do you do?

  2. Hey congratulations on your anniversary.
    Here's to you and your future pizza adventures!
    pizza on earth,
    albert grande

  3. well pizza freak, if I understand you correctly I only get fresh whole pies when I order. I don't usually get slices because they sit around too long and have to be re heated.
    I will re-heat my left over pizza however, best way to do that is in the oven or a frying pan works fine too. Some pizza is better re-heated.


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