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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Good Pizza

Pizza place by night, Coffee house by day. A brilliant way to run a business in this economy. Brick House Kitchen serves coffee and other related things till about 11am and then the pizza crew comes in and takes over till the kids go to sleep.
It is a small place with a few outside tables, that serves up a good slice tucked away in the middle of a residential neighborhood, near Loyola College. The reason we went there in the first place, other than my obsession with pizza was the pizza topped with french fries. Which also had BBQ chicken on it. Thats what we came for, we stayed fro the Margherita and Pesto slices.
We also got a medley of artichokes, ham, pepperoni and mushrooms and a veggie pizza with eggplant. All slices were pretty good. I could do without the BBQ chicken and fries one but thats just me, I don't like BBQ chicken on pizza. Everything tasted fresh. The slices were very crispy and thin. The dough had a good organic taste. The sauce was light and sweet and there wasn't too much cheese overpowering anything. The pizza dried out pretty quick though. Especially the dough, which got stale as it cooled down. But other than that a pretty good pizza made the way it should be.

I can't move on with out mentioning their cannoli's. I don't have a picture but they were home made and out of this world. They had a shell lined with chocolate and a cream with slices of candied orange stuffed in. The best cannoli I have had in LA, that wasn't from Ferrara's.

7929 Emerson Ave. West Chester 90045
446 Pacific Coast Hwy. Hermosa Beach 90254
Price: $

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1 comment:

  1. This looks awesome!! I going to take a little trip to Hermosa to get some.


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