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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The "Hollywood Strip" Pizza

My first stop on the LA pizza journey was the touristy strip on Hollywood Blvd between say La brea and Vine.  This strip is probably the most like NYC in the hustle an bustle kind of way.  Semi-tall buildings, flashing lights and large crowds of people.  Also a lot of pizza places.  There are almost as many pizza places here than in all of Hollywood it seems.  Unfortunately all the pizza is sub par.  

The first stop was Andre's Pizza between La Brea and Highland.  I was in the gym across the street trying to work off some pizza fat standing right in front of the window staring straight into Andre's pizza.  So that was the end of my work out, I finished my last crunch and walked straight out the door to Andre's.  
It was my first slice so I enjoyed it seeing as I was hungry.  But looking back it wasn't great.  A single slice of pizza here was way over priced (as most of them are on this strip).  If you get a large pizza here it is more reasonable.  They do deliver.  Although I wouldn't call, the taste was kind of bland and the crust was generic tasting and kind of doughy.  

I kept walking and hit the second spot before I was done with my first slice.  Greco's, this is one of those "big slice" places that are just stupid to me.  It was almost 5 dollars for a large slice of pizza that I honestly couldn't finish which is rare.  The pizza place put on extra spices to over compensate for its bland taste.  The crust was just so generic and stale, even more than Andre's.  If it was a normal sized slice I would have finished it, but 2 servings of bad pizza no thanks.
Of course this is the one place that has 2 locations on Hollywood Blvd. 

Before I threw my pizza in the trash I came upon another place that sells big slices.  After that first bad experience I couldn't stomach another "big slice" so I skipped it.  

I came to a place  on hollywood and Las Palmas called Stefanos (two guys from italy).  I was relieved, finally a decent pizza on hollywood.  I have been to this one before and I remember now how good it was.  A normal sized slice a normal price and a great slice of cheese pizza.  Great taste, crispy stone oven baked crust. Good sauce and cheese to sauce ratio.   The place has a great feel to it and they have pac-man and other video games in the back.  So I stayed there awhile and ate another slice.  I was full after that and had to go home.  
I will continue down the hollywood strip next in part 2.  

Andre's Pizza - 7038 Hollywood Blvd.
Price: $$

Greco's Pizza - 6814 Hollywood Blvd. / and other locations
Price: $$
Stefano's Pizza - 6705 Hollywood Blvd.  / and other locations
Price:  $
Grecos New York Pizza on Urbanspoon
Andre's Pizza in Los Angeles


  1. I LOVE Stefano's pizza... it can be very greasy but that's what napkins are for.

    I just wish they delivered but because they don't, I'll actually get up and go to the bank (cash only and I never carry cash) and then to Stefano's to pick up the pizza for munching on at home.

    I also like eating there too cause its' that perfect "dinky hole in the wall" atmosphere that is a nice break from the "superficial perfectness" of Hollywood.

  2. when you went to Greco's was the little old woman talking on the phone the whole time? I've never gone when she wasn't on the phone the whole time.

  3. Stefano's has a great pizza, the cheese has a great taste and the toppings were good too!, i love the place because of a "Revenge From Mars" video game in the back hahaha! awesome!, i'm from Colombia and despite i'm back by now, that was a good recomendation! Great Blog anyway, i'll be back someday!


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