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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Essex Public House

There is a new place in Hollywood called the Essex House. It sits on Hollywood Blvd. down around Vine. The place is pretty great. It is a low key bar with a lot of TV's for football watching. It has a pretty good menu with everything sounding good. It also has some great beers that aren't found everywhere. The happy hour is pretty great too. Outside of happy hour things are a little pricey but thats what you get when you want to hang out in a trendy place.
They have a few different pizzas. I got the Buffalo Mozz and Basil Pizza. It had roasted dried tomatoes on it, under the cheese. It was a generous 11 inches for $13. Though for happy hour, it's half off.

The big thing here was the pizza was grilled. They apparently grill the dough then put it in the oven for the second half of the cooking. It was pretty crunchy on the bottom and definitely lightly charred and crunchy on the edge. Did it make the crust any better? Yes, I think it would not have been as crunchy otherwise. Though the crust didn't have any light doughiness to it. The cheese was good but put on pretty heavy. The sauce was just average. Though the dried tomatoes really helped with the bland sauce. So did the basil.
It's not a bad pizza. I wouldn't go there specifically for it, but then again its not a pizza place it's a bar. If you happen to order the pizza you wouldn't be unsatisfied.

Price: $$
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