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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beverly Hills Pizza

Here are all the Beverly Hills Pizza Joints I've found.
Ranked from Good to not as good.

Al Gelat
o: Robertson / Wilshire Overall: ∆∆∆ 1/2
Mulberry Street Pizzeria: 240 S. Beverly Dr (also 347 N, Canon Dr.) Overall: ∆∆∆ 1/2
Trattoria Amici: Doheny/Santa Monica Overall: ∆∆∆1/2
Il Buco Pizzeria: 107 N Robertson Overall: ∆∆ 1/2
Jacopo’s: 326 S. Beverly Dr (also Pacific Palisades) Overall: ∆∆


  1. ONE WORD JACOPO'S !!!!!! Al gelato is not a pizza place, it is an ice cream store! pizza rustica is not pizza,it is store bought dough and jar sauce it is the worst! The only two places in Beverly Hills are JACOPO'S and MULBERRY, everyone else should close their doors, they can never compete...

  2. Al Gelato, as the name suggests is of course an "ice cream place" but have you had their pizza. I think you will find it better than Jacopo's.
    Pizza Rustica however I will agree is no good.

  3. My fave pizza in Bev Hills is Caffe Roma's . It's really delish,comarable to Terroni's.I like the Quattro Stagioni best, but they also do an awesome Margherita Pizza!

  4. Don't forget il Fico 310 s. robertson! :) :) thanks!


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