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Monday, February 9, 2009

Mr. Pizza

Mr. Pizza - A delightful eatery that specializes in Korean food.  I should rephrase that, a Korean eatery that specializes in american food, specifically pizza.  So not so much Korean, I guess it's  American with a Korean flair.  The flair comes with the side of pickles they give you with your pizza.  Now, I realize that this was not where I was going to find a great NY slice of pizza, but as a fan of pizza in general I could not resist.  I have to say I was expecting the worst.  I saw other reviews were praising their potato gold pizza.  So I went with half Potato Gold pizza and half plain old cheese.  I didn't look at the menu when I called to put the order in, so I was not aware of the many varieties of pizza they have.  They have Premium pizza, like the Potato Gold which has it's crust filled with sweet potatoes.  Then they have screen pizzas, which have a normal crust, no filling.  Then they have a thin crust pizza, which I am not sure is any different than the screen pizzas, except the toppings are more traditional, pepperoni, Margherita, etc.  

Anyway I did not know any of this existed during the phone call.  I asked how big the large was and the lady said it feed 4-5 people.  Then I was more specific and asked how many inches it was, she said 13.  I couldn't imagine a 13 inch pizza could feed that many.  Of course I realized soon that only the Potato Gold pizza, 13 inches small, could indeed feed 4 to 5 people.  This thing was heavy.  The price was heavy too, 25 dollars for that small diameter pizza.  I don't know how much your average Korean eats in one sitting, but I know I could have eaten half the pizza, which is less than usual.  Of course I am no normal person, I would say this pizza could have fed 3 people very well, maybe 4.  So I guess if you break the price down, it looks to be 6 to 8 dollars a person whether it's 3 or 4 people.  So I guess thats not too expensive, but when you are alone it is ridiculous.  (The thin crust is only 13 for a 13'')   Plus you weren't just paying for the sauce, cheese and bread, there was everything they had in the kitchen on this pizza - mushroom, ground beef, corn, onion, bacon, nacho chips, sour cream, and of course a big wedge of a potato, plus the crust was stuffed with sweet potato mousse and covered in cheddar cheese.       
So this WAS a serious pizza.  And I have to say it tasted as good as the picture looks.  You can't  go wrong with potatoes, bacon, and pizza.  If I wanted to binge on fat I would definitely go back with 3 people and order this thing all the way around.  
Now of course is it NY style pizza, is it even regular pizza ?   I suppose yes it is pizza, but is not of the kind from NY or Italy or even Chicago.  It's Korean I guess ?  The crust was doughy and not that thin, the sauce was generic tasting and the cheese was actually half decent.  Now maybe the thin crust pizzas are different, but I can't see them being anything like the pizza I yearn for. So coming from a NY stance this pizza is no good.  However if you are hungry and you don't know what for... Potato Gold. 

Mr. Pizza - 3881 Wilshire Blvd.  Korea Town
Price: $$
            Cheese Rating:           Potato Gold Rating:
The Potato Gold is more than a pizza, and is very good.  However the cheese, is what it is, pizza.  And as pizza its not great.
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  1. I recently just tried Mr. Pizza myself although I went with a group and tried the Potato Gold, the Nude Shrimp, the Bulgogi Pizza and one other one that I'm blanking on. Everyone's favs were the Potato Gold and Nude Shrimp pizzas.

    They really combined some interesting flavors and I really enjoyed the sweet potato mousse stuffed crust. It's not a pizza I'd have on a regular basis, but it is a place I'd visit again when I wanted to try something a little more out there.

  2. Very nice blog and those pizzas seems delicious, specially with the ingredients but another option is grilled pizza, in which the crust is baked directly on a barbecue grill. Greek pizza, like Chicago-style pizza, is baked in a pan rather than directly on the bricks of the pizza oven. 2j3j


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