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Sunday, December 7, 2008

North End Pizzeria (Burbank)

The other day, I was let in on a little secret.  There are several pizza joints called North End Pizzeria (Boston's Finest)   These are all franchises run by different people.  So each place is potentially different, in the way there pizza tastes.  I was informed this by one of the owners of not only one of the franchises but the owner of the actual name and company itself.  This company was started by his family and has continued in the family through many generations.  He has now roughly 3 years ago taken over one of the North End Pizzerias and started making pizza the way his family has made pizza.  This recipe he uses is different that the other North End Pizzerias.  The owner informed me of all this because he did not want people to assume all North End Pizzeria's were the same.  I reviewed one of theses places on 3rd and Bevery in Hollywood.  Indeed it is a different pizza. You can read this review here.

So recently I stopped by this other location, off Olive in downtown Burbank.  I met the owner and talked pizza for a minute, he seems like a very nice guy and one who is trying to carry down his family's traditions to a 'T', mainly in the recipes and ingredients of pizza and other foods.

 So the pizza.  I ordered a large 18 inch cheese pizza.  It came out to be 18 dollars which is a little high in my opinion but probably an average LA price.  I enjoyed it.  It wasn't anything that made me jump up and down, and get crazy over.  Of course that might be weird if I did that.  Essentially it was kind of a basic pizza on all elements, but don't be mistaken, this is not a bad thing.  The pizza definitely was better than the other North End Pizzeria.  It was a very thin and crispy pie.  The crust was buttery, light and crispy.  It had a tough consistency, but not in a bad way.  The cheese and sauce were put on the crust just a little heavy for my tastes.  However they tasted good so I didn't mind.  The sauce was a little heavier of a sauce to begin with. It had a sweet taste, with a good spice flavoring to it.  The cheese was laid on to match the thick sauce and it was cooked very well.  A little browned on the top.  Overall I enjoyed the pizza, and I would be happy if it was the spot around the corner that delivered.  However, I have eaten a lot of pizza in LA and there is pizza around that is better.  It was a good solid pizza, that maybe, reminds me of your average slice in N.Y., and as you know the average slice in N.Y. is better than most places out here.  So thats not too bad.

North End Pizzeria
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  1. Come to North End Pizzeria in Cerritos. I want to know what you think of our pizza. I would not call us a franchise but a chain each independently owned and operated. I would hope that all of the food would taste the same at any North End you would go to. That is what I have been trying to acheive since I have been here. I agree our menus are different and since all of our food is made from scratch depending on the cook at the stove the taste could change a little. With that said we try to be consistent at least within the store and through the chain system. My main thing here in Cerritos is that you walk out of here happy. Please come by some time. Matt Luna.

  2. i hav have tasted their pissa when i visted there last yea.r. it was a blast for me. mouth watering pizza as i have seen it.

  3. I'd like to going to that restaurant to see if what you said in here is truth because I love pizza and its taste too, I think next time I'll go there with my family.


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