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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leila's Pizza & Subs

What used to be a Combos pizza on Hollywood Blvd. in May is now a new place called Leila's. Combo's still has other locations so don't worry, if there are any die hard Combo fans out there. Leila's is tryingto accomplish a bit more. In addition to pizza they have subs, cheese steaks, cheese burgers, gyros and breakfast. They have only been open a few months and have already made lots of renovations to the inside and to the menu, everything seems fresh and new. Not the pizza though. They seem to sell big slices just like Combo's for $4. Their pies go up to 18 inches for 18 dollars. I only got a 14 inch for $13. Half cheese half green peppers.

This pizza is not quite the same as Combo's was. This is more reminiscent of your average pizza delivery place all over the LA area. It is mediocre pizza. It has a slightly thicker than usual, NY style crust that is not too crispy and very dense and chewy. It also has a sweet buttery taste to it. The low quality cheese, like usual is put on heavy and the sauce was thick heavily spiced marinara sauce. The flavor of the sauce actually was pretty decent, but again not the kind of sauce I am looking for on my pizza.
I can say this pizza had much more flavor than Combo's and more flavor than most of your average pizza in the area, so that was good. But Combo's as average as it was had a more NYC style to it with it's thin crispy crust. Unfortunately Leila's is small step down as far as there pizza goes. Maybe their cheese steaks are good.

Leila's Pizza & Subs
6760 Hollywood Blvd/Highland Ave
Price: $$

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