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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheech's Pizza

Cheech's Pizza is a place in Los Feliz down the street from another devilish pizza place.  This one is more experienced.  It has been there for about 15 years.  I'm not sure why it is called Cheech's,  perhaps at some point there was some guy who was named Cheech or maybe they put a lot of weed in their pizza.  It is you typical run of the mill pizza joint.  Not dressed up in any fancy way like Lucifers.  The price is right too.  It says 2 for 1 on the menu, so Im guessing you can get 2 large pizzas (15'') for 18$.  I just got one, it was 10.  Cheese, as usual.

It always surprises me when I get a pizza that is different from the others.  How can such a simple food after hundreds of different places, still have a unique taste.  But it does.  Cheech's,  another place that I thought would be just like the rest, again stands out as a different pizza than any other. 
The pizza may have been only 15 inches, but it was very filling.  The crust is a thick and heavy, doughy, buttery crust.  The middle of course is a thinner crust.  But as the crust moves to the outer edge,  it gets really thick really quick.  Now I don't prefer a thick crust like this, but the dough itself tasted really fresh and good.  Really a unique texture, so doughy it was almost raw tasting, in a good way.  But then it was browned pretty good on top.  Despite being cooked hard on top, the nature of the crust did not allow it to get crispy at all.  
The cheese and sauce worked well together, good amounts of both.  The sauce again had a unique flavor.  It was heavy on the spices, but still managed to be light and sweet. 
(I don't know why this picture is rotated this way.  But I figured, pizza is round so it doesn't matter which way the picture goes.)
Anyway, the pizza overall to me, was just about average.  If you like a lot of good tasting dough then maybe this is the place for you.  Everything tasted good, definitely unique, but nothing here to write home about.  

Cheech's Pizza - 2116 N. Hillhurst Ave. Los Feliz
Price: $

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