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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi Pizza

Today I tried to kill a few pizzas with one trip.  A pizza crawl if you will, although much more driving than crawling.  They were all places I assumed to be subpar, generic, and cheap.  So I figured I'd save time and get small pizzas from all these places in one trip. 

Here is a video of my pizza review trip.  Part 1 

Click here to watch part 2 or here for part 3

The first stop was supposed to be Bravo Pizza.  However it was temporarily closed, so I improvised and found one on the way to my planned second stop, 2 for 1 Pizza.  

Hi Pizza is in Korea Town and this is one reason why I assumed it would not be good.  Hi Pizza is a pretty good name however.  I got a personal 10 inch cheese pizza and it took about 10 minutes to make.  The pizza was better than I imagined.  Still fairly generic, Domino style pizza - unlike the crazy last Korea Town place I ate, Mr. Pizza 

It had a very thick and doughy crust, that was semi crispy on the outside but incredibly doughy.  The cheese was slightly more prominent than the sauce, although the sauce you did taste wasn't half bad.  It had good flavor, with a nice basil taste.  This pizza turned out (not to ruin the 3 part video series) as possibly the best one of the four pizzas I had, of course thats not saying a whole lot.  It is cheap pizza (5.50 for a 10 inch - 14$ for a 18inch ) and like Domino's, it has its place.  

Hi Pizza - 119 S. Western Los Angeles 90004
Price: $

Hi Pizza Italian Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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