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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dino's Pizza

This was a crazy hustling and bustling place in Burbank.  No table was empty, and there was a crowd of people at the counter picking up or ordering.  The outside of the place seems a little cartoon-y and generic so I thought the pizza might not be so good, but when I saw the inside and all the people that came for pizza, I thought differently.  

I ordered a large cheese, a 14’’ for $11, pretty cheap.  They have lots of topping and specialty pizzas including a dessert pizza, called the Sweetza.  The other option they had was a choice between thin, medium or thick crust.  I didn’t realize that before I ordered so they gave me medium, which is the default I guess.  The outer edge puffed way up and was really doughy and big.  There was a heavy amount of sauce and a heavy amount of cheese, not too much, just a generous amount. 

 It was what I call a New England style pizza, similar to a place called Crispy Crust.  The crust is a little thicker and doughier but still crispy on the bottom and outside. The sauce and cheese are put on a little thicker.  It is something closer to dominos or papa johns, but a lot better.  I’ve found that places that usually don’t specify a specific style, like New York style pizza, usually have this kind of pizza, it is always a crowd pleaser.  You can’t really go wrong with this more filling pizza. I enjoyed the pizza at Dino’s and so did many other people that were there.
Dino's Pizza - 3520 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank 91505
Price: $

UPDATE: I went back to Dino’s the other day because I was curious about the thin crust pizza. The price was the same, the size was the same.  I got a cheese and it was definitely thinner.  I could tell as soon as the guy handed me the box, because it wasn’t as heavy.  The first slice was pretty good, good flavors, very similar to the medium crust.  The enjoyment went quickly down hill however.  The crust was very thin, too thin in fact, and the pizza was slightly over cooked. My pizza cooled off pretty quick, and after a few slices, the pizza was room temp and not too good.  The temperature they cook it at and the time is so important.  Many of these places try to get the crust crispy by putting it in longer, but then the cheese gets burnt and its no good. High heat for a short period of time is the way to go, I believe.  This was the case with the thin crust, despite the ultra thin crust it wasn’t that crispy just chewy and over cooked, the cheese was 75 percent burnt and the amount of sauce and cheese were a little slim.  Stick with the medium and you will be happy. The thin New York style pizza, very, very average, at best. 

Thin Crust: 
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