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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Best of the Rest

So here are a few other pizzas that I think are good but not quite up to the standards of the Best Pizza's in LA

Rocco's - Wilshire Miracle Mile
Patsy's - The Grove
Z Pizza - Larchmont and other locations
Ravanelli's Pizza - Northridge
The Coop Pizza - L.A. (Culver City?)
Frankie and Johnnie's - Hollywood, West
Two Boots - Echo Park
Terroni - W. Hollywood
Pitfire Pizza - Downtown/North Hollywood

and believe it or not, Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria ain't to bad either.


  1. How come Marchelino's on Coldwater and Magnolia is not on this list. Best pizza in Southern California, small place in a mall. Thats how pizza is suppose to taste....its outstanding..

  2. I've been to Coop, Patsy's, and Two Boots. My favorite is certainly Two Boots, for their garlic chicken special. -heaven-

    I'm so sick of seeing tv commercials for the "top pizza retailers" such as pizza hut (yuck) when these restaurants are SO much better. Oh the humanity. Websites like this one bug me: Pizza hut coupons

    Thanks for all of your tips losangelespizza.blogspot, you are awesome.

  3. You have to add D'Amores Pizza Connection. Locations in the SF Valley as well as Malibu.

  4. What, No CHI~CHI'S????? One of the BEST on the planet!!

  5. Anyone who thinks that Chi-Chi's pizza is one of the "best on the planet" just doesn't get out much. Even Costco's pizza is better than theirs!


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