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Monday, May 4, 2009

My Kind of Pizza

My favorite kind of pizza starts with a NYC style base.
I like the crust thin and crispy but not like a cracker. With a little doughiness to it, and pliable without breaking.
I love cheese, but the sauce is my favorite part. I like a sweet sauce that is very mildly spiced and has a light consistency.
The cheese needs to be fresh and 100% whole milk mozzarella. There can't be too much. Otherwise the sauce flavors are smothered.
I prefer plain cheese pizza, no toppings. Of course if I do get toppings it is either green peppers, or sausage, or both. Sometimes jalapenos.

This is the pizza I look for when I search L.A. far and wide. My ratings are based around this type of pizza. If I give something an average rating it is not necessarily bad, it is just not quite the type of pizza I was looking for. Everyone has their own opinion of pizza. Every city has their own versions. The idea is for you to read my reviews knowing what kind of pizza I was looking for and form your own opinion that will decide whether to try the pizza or not.

So I hope my guide steers you in the right direction. Good luck and enjoy.


  1. You are my pizza diving rod for Los Angeles. Please set up a link, grouping your reviews by your star rating, like 4 and 4 1/2 star places; 3 star places; 2 star places, etc., then I can more easily map out my pizza adventures.
    Thanks for turning me on to Folliero's in Highland Park. I would never have found them without you. Delish pizza, great for the fam, & easy on the wallet. Bless you Pizza Man.

  2. I meant divining rod. Must be the Syrah inhibiting my typing.


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