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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spark Wood fire Grill

Spark Wood Fire Grill is more of a restaurant that uses a wood fire grill/oven.  Since it is convenient, with the wood fire and all, they specialize in pizza.  It is kind of a nice low key fancy place.  That has kind of upscale food, but not too expensive.  

The pizza fits right in.  The crust was nice and thin and had a doughy edge.  Of course it was under cooked.  Not crispy enough.  The strange thing was the taste.  I couldn't figure it out at first, and I am still not sure, but it tasted slightly like sourdough, interesting.  There was, as you can see a ton of basil.  I love basil, but really it was a bit much.  The cheese was cheese, actually the cheese was pretty decent except there was a little too much.  Maybe it wasn't so much cheese as it was the lack of sauce.  I'd like to say what I thought of the sauce but I couldn't really taste it that much.  I know it looks as if there is a sufficient amount, but there really wasn't a lot on 70 percent of the pie.  
This pizza had potential but some key things were off.  If you went out expecting a nice dinner and decided to get pizza, you wouldn't be disappointed, however if you want a pizza and decide to eat one here you are going to miss NY.  And so another 3 rating it is. 

Spark Wood Fire Grill - 11801 Ventura Blvd.  Studio City 91604
(there are 3 locations)
Price: 12$ (cheese) for a 14 inch 
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