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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Angeli Caffe'

Today I tried a place called Angeli- Caffe. It is kind of hidden on Melrose Ave between a shoe store and tattoo shop or something else entirely. This is another fancy Italian restaurant. Not fancy in the sense of having to dress up and spend a lot of money, it is somewhat casual, but fancy in kind of a high profile L.A. way. That being said, I actually enjoyed eating there.

Today I didn’t sit down for a fancy dinner however, I got pizza. I didn’t feel like the classic margherita pizza this time so I tried to expand my horizons. They had a spring special pizza, which was called the Pizza Con Salsicce, which is a sausage and carmelized onions with fontina and Rapini. I did with out the Rapini, they told me it was pretty bitter and that started to scare me a little. I was going to have it delivered but they charge 3 dollars on top of a tip plus the pizza was already a little expensive, $18 for a large which is only 14’’, so a medium by most standards. I picked it up from a really nice girl that works there, named Opal I think, you should say hi. Of course I had to eat a slice before I took a picture, I can never wait.

It looked good, and it didn’t let me down. Now I have to say to my disapointemnt there wasn’t any sauce on the pizza, and I know it didn’t say it came with any but for some reason I was expecting a tomato sauce. So it is hard to compare it completely to other pizzas, but I assume it had the same crust and the crust was really good. It had a great taste that was light. It was crispy on the bottom doughy in the center and flaky on the edges. The overall taste was very light, despite the sausage and onions, there was very little oil and the pizza was not dry at all.

I finally went back to Angeli to get their version of the Margherita. Oh boy, was it good. The crust was even better this time, it bubbled up and browned very nicely. The sauce was a very light basil tomato sauce. On top of the basil sauce were strips of basil as well, so the taste of basil was strong but not overwhelming. The cheese was fresh and stringy and had a good amount of it to go with the good amount of sauce. They definitely didn't hold back on those items. Overall it was a near perfect pizza, the only thing holding it back was the price. It was just under $15 for a 14 inch, which is their large, this isn't outrageous just a little pricey. It's an upscale restaurant not a pizza joint so you have to expect a higher price. Of course that is still no excuse for a pricey pizza, but was it worth it, yeah probably.

Angeli-Caffe Pizzeria - 7274 Melrose Ave LA, CA 90046
Price: $$
Specialty Pie- Cheese Pie-

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