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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pitfire Pizza Company

This place had a lot of hype around it, or as much hype as you can have for a pizza place. It had a lot of good reviews from all kinds of people. There are 3 locations and today for lunch I went to the North Hollywood location. The whole process of ordering the pizza was kind of annoying - from their stupid website that is designed to look cool, but isn't practical to use, to their casual tone on the phone that makes it seem like their pizza is better than yours. (I don’t have any pizza so I wasn’t offended).  They won’t sell bigger than a personal sized pizza before 3pm, they wouldn’t deliver, and they gave me attitude constantly. Their pretentious pizza-making attitude didn’t stop there. When I went to pick up the pizza, I asked the girl at the counter if I could take a picture of the oven and she of course didn’t care, but then I got yelled out by some other guy that worked there, telling me I couldn’t take pictures, I had to speak with the owner first. It is just a pizza joint, there are hundreds around, Pit Fire Pizza is not so high profile I can’t take a picture of it. It’s like Britney Spears was hiding behind the counter or something. I guess I will have to assume that they spit on their pizza. If that’s the case, their spit is pretty tasty.

I got pictures anyway:

Their pizza was good, I wish I could say it wasn’t, but it was. This still doesn’t excuse the "I’m better than you" attitude. But I said at the beginning, no matter how bad the service, if the pizza was good enough I’d go back. The pizza was good enough. 

I don't like the fact I couldn't get a large pizza.  I don't understand the reasoning behind the 3:00 pm change but anyway,  
I have to say it was really, really good.  The cheese and sauce were fresh, not too heavy and had a great flavor.  There was a good ratio between the two. The cheese was put on in splotches rather than a whole layer so you got a bite of just sauce sometimes and then just cheese other times, which I like, as long as it evens out by the end.  This style, however, I don’t think works as well in the personal sized pizza; 2 slices of mine were perfect but the other 2 were split; one with mostly cheese and the other mostly sauce.

The crust was almost perfect, it had a great taste to it, cooked in a wood fire so it had that wood-burning flavor as well. You still had the flour taste from when they roll out the dough and they even had light pepper sprinkled on the bottom, which rounded it all out.  The main problem, and the easiest thing to do was cook it longer.  It wasn’t crispy enough, it was doughy in the center and just about as doughy on the outside.  All it takes is leaving it in another minute or 2 probably, that’s it and it would have been an easy 4.5.  It is the simplest mistake, but it cost them big time, just like it does on Top Chef.  Turn up that fire and you got a perfect pizza, and act a little humble about it too maybe.

Oh by the way, their slogan is "the crust you can trust" ha ha, I'll give them points for originality but I don't trust the crust quite yet.

5211 Lankershim Blvd, N. Hlyd 91601  (818)-980-2949 -REVIEWED
108 W. 2nd St Downtown 90012 (213)-808-1200
2018 Westwood Blvd. Los Angeles, 90025 (310)-481-9860
Price: $$
Pitfire Pizza Company on Urbanspoon
Pitfire Pizza Company on Urbanspoon
Pitfire Pizza Company on Urbanspoon


  1. Hey Mr. Reviewer, what are your credentials regarding pizza? Pitfire, that stuff they put on there, I think they call it mozzarella, it doesnt even melt, its light yellow plastic, such tacky and low quality ingredients.....sucko

  2. I don't have any credentials. Do you ?
    Yes I know Pitfire is not the best or even close to it. I find it hard to really dislike this pizza. You must hold a serious grudge.

  3. Went there yesterday and had a Marg. When it arrived, I was impressed with the way it looked, but that was the only good part of my experience,.This is the first time I have ever had a pie that was completely devoid of taste or smell, and that includes the crust. And no, I don't have a cold. Quel crap. Pizzafreak

  4. Hey! Pitfire wants you to love our food and our attitude! Come again, we won't disappoint. Check out the newly remodeled DT location and tell them Heidi Pancake sent you.

  5. I always thought the place serves very good pizza, but the they're sometimes over cheap you know, big piece of bread and no cheese, almost no sausage and, well... it 's disappointing to get that.


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