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Sunday, April 12, 2009

DiVita's Pizzeria

The is hard place to not like.  It is a local favorite, in West L.A.  Small and family owned since 1975.  With some interesting characters who have worked there forever.  I used to live down the street from DiVita's, and I got it quite a bit.

The pizza is pretty good.  I ordered a large cheese (16'') for $15.  I also specified it to be cooked extra crispy.  It made a world of difference.  Still however, it didn't get that crispy, I'm thinking because of the type of crust they were using, which either didn't seem fresh or was slightly generic.  Nevertheless, it still tasted pretty decent and did have a good crunch on the outer edge.  The cheese and sauce worked well together, the perfect amounts of both.  The cheese was kind of a mixed breed I imagine, but had a good amount of oil.  The sauce I liked quite a bit, had a lot of flavor, but nothing too over powering. 
Overall, it had good flavor to it, and I enjoyed eating every bite, even when it started to cool down.  The ingredients weren't of the highest quality and the crust wasn't quite thin or quite crispy enough for me, but I am being overly critical here.  It is better than most.
The rest of the food is ok.  The meatball sub is pretty good from what I remember.    

DiVita's Pizzeria - 11916 Wilshire Blvd. West LA   
Price: $

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