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Friday, April 4, 2008

Food Court Pizza? Why Not.

On Hollywood and Highland there is a mall and in that mall there is a food court area.  I figured there was pizza up there, so I had to try it.  Every pizza place is worth trying.  This place was called Hollywood Pizzeria Express.  Well this is the worst pizza I have experienced yet.  I was with a friend and he was absolutely swearing it to the devil while I was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt taking bites and saying, "ehh.. it's not that bad."  Well it was.  To my defense I got the supreme slice with lots of stuff on it, so that masked the awfulness a little.  My friend just got plain, nothing but cheese sauce and crust, what a tragedy.  The cheese was generic mozzarella and the sauce was generic... tomatoes ?  It was luke warm and probably had been sitting out a while, they put it in the oven but that didn't help.  What can I say good about it, well the crust was crispy, but midway through I grew tired with the taste of it so I can't say that the crust was that great either. I was going over the review in my head as we were muscling through the pizza and realized how much we just spent on these slices.  4.60 ladies and gentleman, thats what we spent, 4.60 each.  4.60 on a small slice of the worst pizza you can get.  Please if you are a tourist don't go there, they thrive on your species, who don't know any better. 

I could have and should have skipped this one but like I said I had to try it.  What would good pizza be without the bad.  Probably just as good.

Hollywood Pizzeria Express - Hollywood/Highland Complex
Price: $$$$

(I don't have a empty pan icon so this is what it gets, 
I mean it was better than Chuck E Cheese)

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