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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two Boots

Two Boots is a very successful business in New York City.  They have many locations all over New York.  So as it seems to be the recent trend, another New York pizza joint comes to L.A.  Of course I welcome it, the standards couldn't hurt to be raised a little.  Of course just because it comes from N.Y. does not mean it will be good.  This place has a ton of different toppings for their pizza.  Each combination is named after a cultural celebrity from some form of entertainment.  You got "the dude"(from Big Lebowski) which is a cajun bacon cheeseburger pie.  "Mr. Pink" (from Reservoir Dogs) which is marinated chicken, tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella.  My favorite is the one called "the Newman" from Seinfeld, not because of the toppings, just because its funny to name a pizza after something so repulsive.  The owner is really into movies, obviously, so it is fitting that there is finally a Two Boots in L.A.  There are also a lot of Cajun flavors and southern Creole type foods that make their way on the pizza here.  Hence the 2 boots (Italy and Louisiana).  

So far this place only opens at 4 pm, of course that means it is open late, which is good for some.  But does not work for my unemployed, eat a pizza at lunch routine.  But I made my way over there in the early evening on a Thursday and it was packed.  I guess a lot of hype payed off.  
Anyway I got a large cheese pizza, which I was told was 16 inches, but was actually 18.  I wouldn't have eaten it all anyway so it didn't matter.  It was 17 dollars.  There were as many people in the kitchen as there were buzzing around the place when I came to pick it up.  I don't know how they moved around in there.  The pizza was heavy.  The crust was thin and crispy, but the sauce and cheese were put on generously.  The sauce was again a heavier sauce.  It had a thicker consistency to it and a very flavorful and spicy/tangy taste.  The cheese was fresh and went well with the rest.  The crust was a cornmeal style crust, that is not too common around here it seems.  Although I prefer a flour bottom, it was a nice change.  The crust didn't have much rise to it, just kind of flat the whole way through.  It wasn't as crispy as I thought it could have been, and it was a bit chewy towards the end.   
(sorry for the bad pictures)
After all was eaten, I felt a little sick.  I shouldn't say that in my review, because it had no relation to the ingredients directly, just the way I ate it.  So fast and so much.  It was a heavier greasier pizza than I have been getting lately.  I have to say I enjoyed it, but not my style of pizza.  I like a lighter sweeter sauce, and a crispy and charred crust.  All in all it is not a bad pizza.  They of course are known for their toppings.  So the next time I go, I'll be getting myself a "Bayou Beast" - BBQ shrimp, crawfish, andouille, jalepenos, and cheese.  Sound good ?  Aww yeah...

Also, a side note: they have Sicilian Crust pizza and whole wheat crust.  

Two Boots - 1818 Sunset Blvd. Echo Park
Price: $$

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