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Friday, August 7, 2009


Tucked away in the hills of Hollywood on Laurel Canyon Blvd. is a little trendy Italian restaurant. It is attached to a market that has just about everything since this is the only business on this road till you get over the hill. The restaurant has a pretty cool vibe, though the wait staff looked uncomfortable from my t-shirt and ripped jeans presence when I went to pick up the pizza.
To my surprise they actually offered 16 inch pies. Though I was on my way to another place so I only got the 12 inch. It was $16, pricey. The 16 inch was about $20. I ordered their peace pizza which comes with sliced tomatoes on top, which I opted to go without, I don't see the point. Their other topping combinations sounded good and probably would have made the pizza more exciting than it was.

As you can see it was razor thin. The outer edge had a good texture to it. It had good rise with a doughy center and the outside was charred and crispy. The bottom despite it being so thin did not get crispy. The problem I had with the crust was the oily and butter flavor it to. Not only did it seem the dough itself had a lot of butter in it, but it appeared to be glazed with some kind of oil on top. I like my crust tasting pure and natural.
The sauce was a major player in the over all flavor. It was a thick and heavily spiced sauce that would have been great on a pasta dish, but wasn't what I was looking for in my pizza. The cheese was put on light but with the oily crust and the heavy sauce it wasn't really a factor.
Overall I'd say the pizza was kind of boring and overpriced. Afterwards it left my mouth feeling dry and salty. Definitely nothing to write home about and I probably wouldn't order it if I was eating there. The way the crust was cooked was almost perfect, so I'll give them credit for that, but the quality of the dough with all the oil and the wrong sauce just didn't impress.

2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Hollywood 90046
Price: $$$

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