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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Al Gelato

Today I went exploring in Beverly Hills, or West Hollywood. I don't know where the line is, but they have a few pizza places over there, so I went to try them all.
The first stop was Al Gelato; this place was a lot of fun. It was a genuine Italian sweet shop, with biscotti, cheesecake, and gelato. It had some of the best gelato around. They gave me samples of almost every flavor while I waited for the pizza. While known for their desserts, they also have dinners, pizza, pasta and great meatballs. I ordered a small personal cheese pizza since I was planning on having more elsewhere. The price was affordable. While I waited, a large pizza with a whole lot of toppings came out. Then my small pizza came out with no toppings. I have to say I was a little disappointed. Not only was there a considerable size difference but it just didn’t look as good. The crust wasn't cooked enough. From here on out I need to stop getting personal sized pizzas. I don’t know what they do to them, but they just aren’t the same as the 14 inch and overs.
Anyway, that being said, the pizza wasn’t bad. The crust was great, crispy and thin. With just a touch of doughy-ness inside. The sauce and cheese were really tasting good to me. I feel if I go the next size up it could be a real contender. As of now, it is just a touch above average.

PS: I since have gone back to Al Gelato. I got a large this time. While I waited I also ordered a meatball cause they looked so good. They are. I had blamed the shortcomings of my last experience, on the personal size of the pizza. I am afraid to say those problems still existed in the large version. The cheese was a little heavy this time, and the sweet tasting sauce got lost in the blanket of cheese. But these are minor critiques, the pizza was still one of the best and since it was consistent, I feel it deserves a bump up in the rating.

Al Gelato - 805 S. Robertson 90035
Price: $
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Al Gelato in Los Angeles


  1. Al Gelato is an ice cream place, this is what you rate as the best in beverly Hills?

  2. They have pizza. Try it.


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