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Monday, September 15, 2008

LA Pizza Company

The other night I was in the downtown area. I had already had Pit Fire Pizza, so next on my list was LA Pizza Company. The great part of this place is it was open late. Just a little delivery joint with a friendly staff. It was going on 12 and I hadn't eaten any dinner, just some wine and cheese at this other crazy event, but I'll save that for another blog.

Anyway I got a medium cheese pizza, a 14 inch for 9 dollars, very affordable. The large 17 inch is 12, still cheap. I bought a water and waited outside for 10 minutes. I got it to go like I always do, but I end up eating it in the car. The pizza was ready, I took it to my car sat in the parking space for 15 min eating a couple slices since I couldn't wait. Then I realized I for got my water at the place. So I walked back across the street to get it, after 15 minutes the guys were probably curious why I was still around and eating in the car by myself. I realize this was a bad story, sorry but I spent the time to write it so there it is.
Back to the pizza. It was pretty tasty. The sauce was a pretty dominant flavor to the pizza as a whole. It was a thicker sauce and very flavor filled. There was a good amount of cheese that also tasted pretty good. The crust also had great flavor too. All around it was a great tasting pizza actually, I am surprising myself as I write this. The one complaint was it was over cooked. The crust was fine, it was not burnt, it was the top layer of cheese that got a little too crusty and brown. The crust too was not all that crispy, so if it was intentional to leave it in longer for the crusts sake it didn't work. However, if it was just a fluke thing, then next time this pizza could be a great pizza.
I also want to add, though this does not effect the pizza, the 'company' is one of the few pizza places out here that does not claim to be anything special or specific, like NY style. It does not boast or brag, it does not have "big slices", it doesn't have a mascot or a catchy slogan with its name. It is simply Los Angeles Pizza Company, it states exactly what it is. And for LA pizza, this ain't bad.

Los Angeles Pizza Company
712 N. Figueroa St 90012
Price: $
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