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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lon's Pizza Adventure

Today a new guest blogger will be speaking his mind on pizza and women, more women than pizza, but anyway,
I bring you Lon Zimmet, and his Manhattan Beach Adventure:

On Sunday night before Memorial Day, I was in Manhattan Beach. After the bars closed, I went to eat pizza because I had had many drinks and I was hungry. Actually, I wasn’t that hungry but there was a smoking hot girl in a red dress from the bar who was going to eat pizza. There was also a smoking hot girl in a green dress that was at the same bar, and my friend and I were amazed to find out that the green dress and the red dress were friends. Anyway there was a long line so I figured this place must be good. Also, any pizza that attractive women like must be delicious because attractive women are the smartest people I know.

Anyway, the thing I remember most about the pizza is waiting in line for it. I remember this so well is because I asked somebody, “Are you on line?” And they said, “Do you mean, ‘in line.’?” And I said no, I’m from NJ and there we say “on line.” In any event, it turns out he wasn’t on line, which was good because that’s one less person keeping me from eating pizza.

Things really took an unexpected turn when a girl heard me say I was from NJ, and it turns out she was from NJ too.  Even crazier was that she went to college in Ithaca which is right near where I went to college.  We laughed and laughed about this for a long time.

But then I saw the red dress girl eating her pizza so I turned my back on NJ girl in the middle of her telling me about her sick aunt or something and I said, ‘hey Red Dress, how’s that pizza treating you?” And it seemed like she liked it.  But it turns out she was a dental student on vacation from Wisconsin so fuck her, what does she know.

So I order two slices of pizza. One for me and one for my friend. It was five dollars and change which seems reasonable.  I remember thinking when I looked at it, ‘wow, that’s what pizza should look like.’  It looked like very good pizza.  And it was.  I can’t remember many of the specifics because I was very drunk and also still high from my conversation about New Jersey, but at the time my friend and I said to each other it was the best pizza we’ve had in Los Angeles.

It had perfect thickness and had a good cheese/dough ratio. I think this is very important.  I hate really thick doughy pizza that only has a thin layer of cheese on top.  But this had a perfect combination.  Plus it was very tasty.

Or it could have seemed that way because I was very drunk.  Everything tastes good when you’re drunk.  For now, I’ll give it five stars.  But I’ll be back in Manhattan Beach on Fourth of July weekend, and I’ll try having a slice then when I’m less drunk.

The Manhattan Pizzeria - 133 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach
Price: $

Editor's note:  Although Lon said he thought it was 5 stars, because of the drunk factor I am bringing it down a half a slice, until he or I go back sober.  I have no doubt the pizza was good, but a 5 ?  Who has been the one eating pizza everyday?  

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