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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pizza Bella

I remember going into this place a couple years ago when I first moved to town, it was basically a kitchen inside of a liquor store.  It was in one of these strip malls on the corner with big block letters on the side of the building but with no door underneath.  Eventually I probably just got fed up with trying to find it and went in the liquor store to get drunk maybe.  But in the back there is a small space with a pizza oven.  Anyway that was a while ago, now they seem to be expanding, they might even have their own door now.  The pizza however has seemed to suffer.  I was in Pizza Bella recently to get a pizza to review and it and it wasn't as great as I had remembered it to be.  I got a 12’’ cheese pizza that looked really good, had the slight brown cooked spots on the cheese. The first piece tasted alright, but by the 3rd I got a little bored of it. The sauce was kind of generic and there was too much cheese and sauce on it. The crust was a simple flat crust that was just ok.  What can I say, I wouldn't be against ordering it, but there are better places around.
Pizza Bella - 1900 N Highland Ave 90068
Price: $

Pizza Bella in Los Angeles

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