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Monday, April 6, 2009

LA Lasagna Co.

Across the street from a place called Ravanelli's, is this place, LA Lasagna Co.  Interesting name for a place.  You'd think they would have good Lasagna there.  That is of course not what I got.  Underneath their lasagna title is the sub heading "pasta, pizza, and salad", pizza was second on the list.  So by no means was this place pushing their pizza.  The other thing funny about this place, was from the outside the sign had a very Italian feel to it, Italian colors and names.  The neon sign in the window said they have slices, which is why I went.  Then, when you walk in, you hear some easy listening classics playing above and a big open room that looks like this.   

This picture probably does not do the strange ambience justice.  But strange is what it is.  Not to mention there was no slices or pizza in view anywhere. But they said they had a slice, so I waited while it was warmed up - paid about 1.80.  
To continue with the strangeness, the young girl working the counter put the slice in between 2 styrofoam plates and in a giant paper bag.  Along with a coupon flier which got stuck to the pizza on the walk back to the car and ended up pulling off some of the cheese.  

After all that, the slice wasn't half bad.  It was pretty much lacking any flavor or sign of freshness and the crust was just a very soft and doughy pre-made deal.  But yet it wasn't bad.  The cheese and sauce had the right ratio together, and the crust, while not crispy, was pretty thin and not too dry.  Even though there was very little flavor, no flavor is better than bad flavor.  It is once again I realize that pizza is pretty easy to make and it is amazing that as many people screw it up as they do.    
( NOTE: it is hard to make really good pizza, easy to make generic pizza)

LA Lasagna Co. - 8501 Reseda Blvd. Northridge 
Price: $
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  1. Anyone who is anyone in the SFV (like me, born and raised) has grown up on LA Lasagna and eaten in that, what you call "strange", dining room. LA Lasagna delivers our Friday night pizza every week and when I met my now husband [7 years ago] I found out that LA Lasagna was making the same deliveries to his whole family every Friday night too. LA Lasagna is a San Fernando Valley classic. Been around since the '80s! "Strangeness" and all, you gotta love it. Try the Lasagna or chicken parm. next time. Or put some toppings on that pizza! :)

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