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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coachella Pizza 2009

Well  it's that time of year again.  Festival time.  The first in the lineup is Coachella.  I went to it for the first time last year.  So now, as a veteran I can shed some light on the pizza.  Some great music.  Franz Ferdinand is great, and The Killers rocked the house.  People watching is always the best here.  Last year it was all about the Raybans and head bands.  This year it was more of the same, but louder and bigger colors, crazier glasses and clothing. Crazy mustaches was a thing, it seemed.  

The food was the same.  As to be expected there are pizza vendors everywhere.  Returning from last year, was "I (heart) Spicy Pie" a great place where you can get  jalapeno's on the pizza.  For the full review of this place and last Coachella 2008 check out my other posting.
I got a slice from I (heart) Spicy Pie again, because I can not say no to jalapenos.  It was a bit disappointing this time, perhaps I was not drunk enough.  Of course the big thing about festival pizza is consistency.  The time of day you go can mean the difference between a fresh well cooked pizza or a cold dried out pizza.  Unfortunately I went at the wrong time, because it was not as good this time.  The was practically no cheese, dried up tomato sauce and only 2 pieces of  jalapenos. I made the girl working put more on top, but these were uncooked ones and did not give the same effect.
However later in the weekend I found another pizza stand.  Maybe this was there last year too, I am not sure.  On the front they just have a sign that says NY PIZZA SLICES, very simple.  The name of the business is actually "Pie for the People"  I only know that because I asked.  This pizza was unbelievably good.  Again maybe the circumstances were different for this one.  Perhaps I drank more than I thought I did, or perhaps I managed to get one right out of the oven.  They were flying pizza of the counter so fast, I think everyone got a fresh slice.  

The crust was great.  Thin and crispy, and a big slice too.  I don't usually like "the big slice" but when you pay 7 dollars for it you want a big slice.  They had, I guess you could say more sophisticated pies.  I got one with pesto, tomato mozzarella and goat cheese? or was it feta, probably feta.  They had several different kinds.  With every bite you got a wonderful flavor of pesto and tomatoes and cheese on a nice crispy crust.  It was superb.  Again, maybe this is the alcohol talking, but I think it was as good as any of the best places in LA and maybe even some in N.Y.  It made me wish I didn't spend my money on that Spicy Pie.  So next time you are at a festival look for pie for the people.  I think they are going to be at Bonnaroo for anyone who goes to that.  

Pie for the People - Festivals around CA  
Price: normally $$$$$  outrageous  (for a festival $$)


  1. That pesto, feta, tomato pie looks great. I think I'm gonna make a pie like that!

  2. I agree a long time Coachella-goer, this pizza is by far the best food option ever offered. It was a godsend in 2008 when it appeared. As a Chicago pizza snob, it is hard for me to worship a place that peddles "NY Pizza Slices", but it's just that good. Thanks for spreading the word...hopefully it won't lead to even longer lines next year!

  3. i'm thinking that shirt probably made it taste even better.

  4. mmm LOOKS GOOD!

  5. The shirt was a great addition to the pizza. It is a shirt of a music legend called Team Goldie. You can get your own shirt to accompany pizza, here


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